Podcast description;

This is my new podcast DRIVE | ON | in which I go bumper to bumper with some of the most influential and fascinating car enthusiasts.

They all come from different backgrounds: they are car collectors, race drivers, automotive designers, CEOs, engineers, or journalists. 

But apart from being amazing guests, all of them have at least two other things in common: they love cars, and they love to drive.

In roughly 30-minute-conversations we get to the bottom of this love, whether it may be experienced on four wheels or two, whether with a roaring engine or an electric motor.

So whether you’re in a car or not, crashing on your couch or bumper to bumper in a traffic jam – if you, too, love cars and know that urge to “Drive On”, join me for some exciting 1:1s and learn what drives my amazing guests.

You can find my bumper-to-bumper-podcast DRIVE | ON | on Apple Podcast, Spotify, Google Podcast and Deezer. Or right here on my website.

Podcast episodes;

… Magnus Walker, the Porsche guy. The boy from Sheffield moved to LA to become a man and by the way a successful fashion designer and a car tuning scene icon. Now a known car collector, he values every minute behind the steering wheel of one of his roundabout 40 unique Porsche sports cars.

… Romano Artioli, the Italian entrepreneur. He resurrected the Bugatti brand in the 1980s and created the legendary EB110, plus en passant, and as a bonus the Lotus Elise. Even after the disappointing end of this adventure and at 87 years of age he still hasn’t lost his drive and keeps working on the future of mobility with the energy of a tweenie.

… Andy Wallace, the racing legend. Winner of the 24h of Le Mans on a Jaguar in his first of 21 participations; twice in total and currently the fastest man on Earth for McLaren and Bugatti; and currently official Bugatti test pilot. So you could say that this man also knows a bit about driving.